Attracting customers is a certified labor of love. At times, the customers will just come to you. And at other times, you just might wonder, “why am I even running this business?”

And in those moments, when you feel like giving up, say a quick affirmation and get to work.

Here’s why: finding new clients is the lifeline of your business. While your loyal customer base is essential, building relationships with new clients will help your business to grow.

And to attract prospects, you’ve got to have an understanding of not only their needs but also who they are. So before trying to build a business relationship, remember the following:

  1. Potential clients need your business. The idea that a prospect does not need your product or service is FALSE!  Even if your prospect is using your competition or has not considered what you have to offer, you can identify what makes your business different.
  2. Potential clients don’t want to do any extra work. We might live in the Age of DIY, but that does not mean that everyone wants to DIY. Some people don’t want to do anything. Some people want their lives as easy as possible. Understanding this, you should make your service or product as accessible to potential customers as possible.
  3. Potential clients are building their own brands. Just like you, your prospects are in the business of building their brands. Their goal: look good and make money. Your goal: help them look good, help them make money and build a working relationship in the process.
  4. Potential clients are busy. Don’t waste their time. If they’ve made an appointment to view your presentation, be prepared. If they return your tenth phone call, make every second count.
  5. Potential clients are people. Seems like a no-brainer? It really truly isn’t, though. You’ve got to remember that your prospects all come to the table with their own experiences, needs, and dreams. Find out who they are so that you can build a relationship with a person. It’ll take your business far.