Theresa Brewster, owner of Purplelicious Treats

 One of the biggest accents to any party is the cake table. Whether it’s a three-tiered Elsa cake for your favorite six-year-old surrounded by clusters of cupcakes or featuring a cake shaped like a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, customized treats are all the rage.

Bronx-based Purplelicious Treats might be one of many confectioners that are able to offer such edible artwork. But the owner’s story of how she began her business is quite unique.

Theresa Brewster always loved baking for her three children and husband. By her own admission, Theresa says that the business “started by accident.” Since she loved baking, she’d been encouraged by friends and family to start a business. Although she says it was not a real interest, Theresa decided to host a tasting for her friends and family. The tasting was successful.

“It was like an outer body experience,” Theresa said. “Wow! I’m onto something.”

That was October of 2013.

Today, Theresa is running a full-fledged business out of her home. Not only does she bake cookies and whisk together a savory banana pudding, she now customizes cakes for her customers.

Theresa describes herself not only as a baker but a cake artist.


“Everyone should be able to have a nice cake,” Theresa said. “And you also need a little bit of love in each bite.”

In the future, Theresa sees herself opening a small establishment where she will sell desserts. But in the meantime, Theresa is focusing her energy on producing a new line of mason jar filled goodies such as a no bake cheesecake.

“People like things that are easy to grab and go,” she said. “So I’m thinking of what I can sell that will be convenient and tasty.”

Theresa’s belief in customer convenience and tastiness has taken her far. Marketing her business through social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram has brought her customers throughout the tristate area. And because she focuses on customer service, word-of-mouth has helped her clientele grow significantly.

If you’re interested in trying out Purplelicious Treats, here’s the best way to contact this Entrepreness:

Website: http://www.purplelicioustreats.com/

Instagram: @purplelicioustreats

Facebook: Purplelicious Treats