At end of every year, many of us are scrambling to make resolutions. We are so ready to do away with whatever challenged us during the year and be ready for January 1.

Some of us want to be different.

Some of us want to be better.

Some of us want to take charge.

We all want to be successful.

How many of us have thought of what it truly takes to achieve success and stick to those resolutions? In a previous post, I talked about the power of affirmations and how they can help you keep pushing forward as an entrepreneur. 

But before you can even begin reciting feel good statements, there’s something else that needs to happen.

All things are possible in your business once you’ve created a vision statement and then, a mission statement. The two are like favorite first cousins: they work together, they fight, they regroup and hug. In other words: you need them both.

For this blog post, I’m focusing on you creating your vision statement. After all, this is how you will keep your dream and your business alive.

What’s a Vision Statement?

Your vision statement is an uncomplicated assertion describing the future of your business. You are essentially telling everyone what the future of your business will look like if your mission becomes a reality. 

Here’s my vision statement: The Entrepreness inspires women to launch and grow their businesses.  

Short. Sweet. Uncomplicated.

This, afterall, is my dream and reason for launching this blog. What’s the dream for your business? It’s really not that difficult. Just think of it like this: if you were creating a vision board for all that you wanted to achieve in your business, what would it include?

The answer to this question will lead you to your vision statement.

Check It Out: Vision Statement Examples

But I’m going to make it even easier for you! Below are four questions to ask yourself as you create your vision statement.

  1. What result do you want to achieve by running this business?

  2. What are five actionable words that describe your business?

  3. How does this business make you feel?

  4. How does this business make others feel?

Once you’ve answered these questions, pay attention to words that keep reappearing. These words will lead you to your vision statement. And remember: it should be super easy to explain your vision to others. If it is not, sleep on it. Dream. Look at your words with a fresh mind and make your vision a reality.