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A potential client recently contacted me to discuss writing a press release. She’d launched her business and wanted to create a buzz.

“I want to use media to get the word out about my business,” she told me. “I want a lot of traction.”

Great. Afterall, what business does not want people interested in their product or service?

But during our conversation it became clear that this budding businesswoman was not ready for a press release. She had purchased her business’ domain name but her website was not up and running. She opened social media accounts with her business name but had not started to build a following. She also had not begun establishing a relationship with the people who were already following her.

Like so many new entrepreneurs, she was excited about her business. And like so many, this entrepreneur wanted to make sure that she was doing everything possible to make her business a success. Yet there were so many aspects of her business that needed to be developed before she could send out a press release that I gently suggested that she hold off on creating a media buzz.

Instead, I suggested that she work on sincerely developing her company’s brand. After all, a business owner is only newsworthy if they know how to tell their business’ story in a compelling manner.

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If you’re looking forward to developing a relationship with media outlets, here are a few tips to make sure your business is interview ready.

Your business must have a newsworthy item to share

Just because you’ve decided to launch a business, does not make it a news item. Everyday, hundreds of people decide to launch a business and everyday, reporters and bloggers are hit with a slew of releases. What makes your business special? What makes your launch unique? How will your business help people?

You have launched your business’ website

Don’t hire anyone to write a press release for your business if you don’t have an up and running website. Why? It’s 2018, not 1918. Think about this: once a reporter reads a press release, they immediately jump online to look for information about your company. They’re looking for other news articles, reviews on sites, and of course, your website.

Your business’ social media accounts are up to date

Once you’ve written your press release and it’s been sent off to a targeted list of media contacts, your work is DONE. A reporter reads your release, decides to interview you and then publish an article. Now, readers will see the article. And guess what? They’ll want to interact with you. They’ll check out your website. They’ll check on your Instagram or Facebook page. They might even follow you on Twitter. But whatever the readers of that article decide to do, you must be ready…and so should your business.